UVC Covid-19 sanitizers

DPS-Promatic manufactures professional UVC sanitizers, that kill germs, like viruses and bacteria very effectively, thanks to 254 nm UVC light, that destroys their DNA. We are adding different shape and sizes devices to our range, that suite most needs in this difficult Covid-19 times.

UVC Covid-19 sanitizer for bags, trolleys, boxes and more

It is well known and proven with details in scientific papers that Ultra Violet C (UVC) radiation is highly effective against viruses and bacteria because it destroys their DNA in a few seconds of powerful-enough exposure. For this reason germicide UVC fluorescent lights are used in hospitals and in water treatment plants. DPS-Promatic has designed and produces a sanifying device, named SANUV-1 that lets you put inside a bag, or a box or any other thing you would like to sanify. Just press a button, wait for a few seconds, and your box or bag will be sanified. Manufactured in Italy by DPS-Promatic srl, a company in business since 1981.

SANUV-1 UVC disinfectant device for Bags. Just insert your bag into it

Your bag goes everywhere with you, in shops, work, public transport, have it on your back or hold it by hand, nevertheless it will touch places that may be infected. For this reason it is very useful and important to have a quick mean to reduce the viral or bacterial charge. SANUV-1 does exactly this in a clean, safe and fast way.

Press to start killing viruses and bacteria

After putting the box or bag to sanify into the SANUV-1 UVC cleaner, just press the START Button and the unit will activate its powerful professional germicide light for the number of programmed seconds. A double protection prevents from opening if the light is on.

How a UVC sanitiser works

SANUV-1, the professional UVC sanifier made by DPS-Promatic srl in Italy uses professional germicide lamps with UVC at 254 nm, very well known to be effective in killing bacteria and viruses, like covid-19. In this picture you see the light in action. This picture is made on purpose in the factory, because it is impossible to open the machine with the light on. There is a double safety protecion to avoid this.

Sanify your trolley with SANUV-1 UVC cleaner

After a trip by plane, train, bus or taxi, it is advisable to sanify your trolley. The most quick, clean and effective way is through UVC light at 254 nm. Use SANUV-1 UVC sanifier to sanify it.

SANUV-1 professional germicide sanifying machine, sanitizes boxes

When you order a box on-line, many hands touch it before it reaches you. It is good practise to sanitize it before moving it inside your company or house. SANUV-1 is the professional UVC sanitising machine that can achieve the best result in seconds thanks to its professional UVC tubes at 254 nm.