Wireless autonomous weather stations, environmental and irrigation monitors

DPS-Promatic manufactures in Italy, since 1999, wireless weather stations and urban air quality monitoring devices. Solar powered, ideal for agriculture and city environmental monitoring. Measure: particles pm 2.5, CO2, temperature and humidity, rain, solar radiation, UV radiation, wind speed and direction and more. Ideal to compute evapotraspiration with Hargreaves or FAO Penman-Monteith formulas, using our AWX-WIZARD utility.
Standard connection with NbIot, GPRS (or Lora on request). We also manufacture portable tensiometers, wireless tensiometers and frost alarms, please check our irrimonitor page for more info. Here are some real time data received by our servers

AWS-X weather station

Technical specifications:

  • Connected over GSM/GPRS network, with a low cost data SIM
  • Solar panel with integrated battery charger
  • Battery operation lasts for days even in cloudy conditions
  • Completely programmable via internet or SMS or with a local cable connected to a PC or an Android device
  • Strong and weather resistant
  • With provided software computes EVAPOTRANSPIRATIONaccording to FAO Penman-Monteith equation
  • With provided software computes HOURS-OF-LOW-TEMPERATURE in a period of time
  • Data format freely available. You can build your own service or use our server, as you like.

Available sensors

Sensors can be chosen among the following, manufactured by us or by third parties:

  • Anemometer
  • Rain Collector
  • Air temperature and humidity
  • Air Pressure
  • Solar radiation
  • Leaf Wetness
  • Soil Moisture
  • Soil temperature

Special custom features

We are the manufacturers so we can add custom features if needed. Some are described below. Ask for any special request.

  • Siren for strong wind or strong rain
  • LCD on the station BOX to read data locally
  • On board data logger

Many satisfied customers

  • Poderi dal Nespoli, Cusercoli
  • Tenuta il Palagio, Figline Valdarno
  • Comune di Forlì, road ice monitoring
  • MonteRe, dry prunes, Modena
  • Massafra waste management plant
  • San Marino governmental organisation for wine production
  • Vivai Mazzoni
  • Flieger Club Tegern See, Wallberg mountain (in Hintermaueralm, 1660m)
  • and more....

Extreme conditions

Our stations are able to keep operating for many years (the above one is installed at 1660m, over Tegern See since about 13 years) without any major maintenance.

Internet data service

Buying our station you can send data to our server and get the basic information for free. Please see the specification of the UDP packet the station sends every x minutes (x can be programmed). For a modest fee you can access more powerful tools, including the AWX-WIZARD calculator.

  • PRICE LIST: AWS-X Multi sensor autonomous weather station
  • Check the boxes below to see the price of the station with the sensors you like. Every price includes sensor, mechanical fitting and software.
    Buying our station you can send data to our server and get the basic information for free.

    CONTACT us for a specific offer. We have discounts and promotions.


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